InterStim® Therapy

InterStim® Therapy

Fecal incontinence occurs when an individual loses control over his or her bowels and can be quite detrimental to leading a normal and active lifestyle. Those who suffer from this problem cannot gain the control they wish to have over their lives, leaving them unsure as to which steps should be taken to overcome the condition.

InterStim® Therapy is a new technology designed to give control back to the sufferers of fecal incontinence. The debilitating condition is often caused by a damaging of the nerves and muscles that normally work to control your bowel movements. If you have tried other forms of treatment, such as diet changes and medication, but still experience fecal incontinence, InterStim® Therapy may be a viable option. The treatment involves a device called the InterStim® neurostimulator, which is placed under the skin, most typically within the upper buttocks. The device then sends mild electrical pulses to stimulate the nerves located in your back that control bowel movements, providing an increased amount of control for the individual.

Here are some statistics:

  • 83% of patients have achieved greater than 50% reduction in incontinent episodes per week
  • 47% of patients have achieved complete continence
  • 31% of patients have reported no use of undergarment protection (such as Depends) at the 12-month visit

Before the device can be properly utilized by Dr. Howard Kaufman for the afflicted individual, the patient will have to undergo a short trial stage, which takes a few days while you go about your normal daily activity. Dr. Howard Kaufman inserts a wire beneath the skin of the lower back and a test simulator worn on your belt then sends the electrical pulses to determine whether the process restores control to your bowel movements. If the trial period is a success, we can then move forward with the InterStim® Therapy.

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